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This page is based on an appendix from Katcher BS. MEDLINE: a guide to effective searching in PubMed and other interfaces. 2nd ed. San Francisco: Ashbury Press; 2006.


Other Interfaces to MEDLINE

PubMed (public site) and Ovid (many institutions) are the most widely used, but there are other interfaces to MEDLINE on the Web. Some are free, some are free with registration, and some are fee-based. A sampling: Medscape (a Web site for clinicians), HubMed (an allterative interface to PubMed), ProQuest - MEDLINE with Full Text (a subscription-based service), (combines PubMed with other sources), PaperChase, and a growing variety of interfaces that have been taylored for hand-held devices

If you are affiliated with a major teaching institution, you can probably apply for a remote access account that will make your home or office computer screen look like the one in the library. Such libraries generally use either the Ovid interface to MEDLINE or a customized version of PubMed that has been tailored to best serve the library's patrons. In addition, many university libraries offer full-text access to a growing number of on-line journals for which they have paid subscriptions. (See Journals on the Web.) For copyright reasons, remote access is limited to those with library privileges.


Updated November 5, 2013

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