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This page is based on an appendix from Katcher BS. MEDLINE: a guide to effective searching in PubMed and other interfaces. 2nd ed. San Francisco: Ashbury Press; 2006.



NLM Resources

The National Library of Medicine offers a wide array of web-based resources in addition to PubMed/MEDLINE, as can be seen from their home page and from their list of NLM Databases & Electronic Resources. At this writing, there are 70 such resources -- everything from accurate and clearly written health information for consumers (MedlinePlus, which is also available for mobile devices) to the NLM Catalog (books, audiovisuals, journals, and electronic resources, all indexed with MeSH) to the Visible Human Project to a collection of online books (Bookshelf) to the original Index Catalog of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office to Images from the History of Medicine to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)'s Entrez databases.

You can save your PubMed search strategies by creating a free "My NCBI" account (a PubMed service). You can even schedule regular repeat searches and receive the results via e-mail.

The NLM Technical Bulletin publishes information about changes as they occur, and back issues are well indexed. For example, a recent issue announced the release of RxNav, a downloadable browser for RxNorm, the NLM repository of standard names for clinical drugs.

Reviewed January 26, 2015

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